How to become a Water Ninja

To become a Water Ninja, you’ll have to work up to a Water Mask and fight Water Sensei to become a true Water Ninja. Here are some steps that may help you win faster and becoming a Water Ninja faster too! Enjoy!

How To Play Card-Jitsu Water:

When you first go talk to Sensei, Sensei will introduce you to Card Jitsu Water, and then give you your booster cards! After that you are ready to play Card Jitsu Water! Here is how to play Card Jitsu Water!

The point of Card Jitsu Water is to race to the gong with your skills. You have to learn the method that Water Beats FireFire Beats Snow, and Snow Beats Water.

SUPER TIP: Card Jitsu Water game is really laggy and doesn’t allow player to choose the correct card they choose, so before you talk to Sensei or get into a match, press the (-) button on your keyboard until the resolution on Club Penguin look bad. Don’t worry, it might look sloppy on Club Penguin, but you will go way faster on Club Penguin this way!

The sign they show you in the beginning of a Card Jitsu Water match basically tells you all you need to know on how to play Card Jitsu Water.

There is Fire, Water, and Ice obstacles that are blocking you in each stone to reach the gong. To destroy an obstacle that is on your way, you have to choose the opposite element of that obstacle, for instants, if the obstacle is a snow stone, then you will have to use a fire Card Jitsu Card to destroy that.

Depending how strong the Card Jitsu Card is from (1-12) then the strong the damage it will do to the obstacle. If it’s a power card, then the damage will be intense and do damage or increase other obstacles a side it.

After that, you now know how to play Card Jitsu Water, after that, keep on playing until you get all your Card Jitsu Water and defeat Sensei, then you will receive your water gem and become a Water Ninja!


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