How To Become A Ninja!

To become a ninja, you have to work up to a black belt and fight Sensei to become a true Ninja.
Here are some steps that may help you win faster and becoming a ninja faster too! Enjoy!

Methods For Winning a Battle

Method 1: Select Water, Water, Water

Method 2: Select Fire, Water, Water

Method 3: Snow, Water, Water

Method 4: Fire, Fire, Water

Method 5: Snow, Snow, Water

Once you keep winning you will earn a majority of points but if you lose you will get partical points. But the more you win the more the percentage goes up. Check out how many times you have to win to earn your belts!

Check it out.

White belt – 5 total wins needed.
Yellow belt – 13 total wins needed.
Orange belt – 21 total wins needed.
Green belt – 30 total wins needed.
Blue belt – 40 total wins needed.
Red belt – 52 total wins needed.
Purple belt – 64 total wins needed.
Brown belt – 76 total wins needed.
Black belt – 88 total wins needed.

Here is a chart with a picture of all the ninja belts.

Once you reach the black belt, go next to Sensei inside the Dojo and talk to him. Once you’re in, click “Challenge Sensei”.

If it your first time playing him and your a black belt, don’t expect to win in the first try, because Sensei will still beat you without him losing once. It wil take a couple of plays until Sensei starts his focus and have a chance to beat him.

Once you finish you’ll be able to enter a room for only Ninjas! This room is called “Flying Flippers Emporium.”

Once your in, you will be able to face off all this different skilled Ninjas! But most of the penguin have asked that some Ninjas have different power cads and normal cards! How do I get them?

Well first, Club Penguin sells Card Jitsu on any Local Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, etc. In each pack it contains 8 game cards, 1 code card,  and 1 sticker sheet. If you get the code card, there will be a code where you can enter where you unlock Coin Codes.


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