How To Become A Fire Ninja!

Hey!  What we have here is a step to step guide on how to become a Fire Ninja.
You must work for this, and you must be a member and a Ninja.

1) Talk to Sensei And pick up the Club Penguin Fire Deck, Sensei will give this to you and will be in your inventory.

2) Now talk to Sensei and choose the ‘Earn Your Fire Suit’ option.

3) Sensei will choose your oponents, This is where you need to know how to play! Choose one of the stones if it is your turn and pick you card of that element with the highest points! Its easier than it sounds, go play it and you’ll learn quick!

4) Win as many times as you can! To check your progress, go to your inventory and click the Fire Cards, or go to the fire dojo and click on the cards at the bottom right corner!

The more you play, the faster you will rank up and recieve these items:

1. Flame Sandals

2.Magma Coat

3.Cava Mask

4.Firey Helmet

Once you get all the items, you can now challenge Sensei!  This is the same as in becoming a ninja.

Once you beat Sensei you will receive the red part of the ninja amulet! Check it out! :



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