How To Become An EPF Agent

As of today, We can now become EPF Agents on Club Penguin. Below I present to you the ultimate guide on how to become an EPF Agent. In my opinion, The EPF coming to Club Penguin is really exciting and a big improvement from where we use to be – The PSA. Some penguins just aren’t digging it because they don’t like change. I myself, Think change is great. I guess that’s for your to decide for yourself! So, Let’s begin right away so you can become a EPF Agent today!

Your first step is to log onto Club Penguin. once you are logged in, Click your Spy Phone. Once you click your spy phone you’re going to get a message, which will look like this:

Okay, Click “Go There”. You will now be brought to the Facility where you have to take a test. Let’s take the test and become EPF agents! If you don’t have a spy phone, then just walk to the Ski Village and enter the “Everyday Phoning Facility”

Once you’re there it’s time to take the test! The test is really easy and just requires you to do a few task to make sure you are capiable of becoming a EPF agent. The first task is throwing a snowball at a target, Very easy.

The second task is running. You’ll have to run from one side of the room to the other. Once again, very easy and self explainitory.

Your third task is to hide from the camera. You’re goal is to find a good hiding spot and not let the camera find you.

Your final step is showing how clever you are. To do this, you’re going to be put in a laser cage. You have to escape without making the alarm go off. To do this, throw a snowball at the box on the right side of the room which is powering the lasers. If you do this successfully, You will escape the cage — Good work!

Congratulations, You’re now a EPF agent! You need to go up the elevator to receive your new EPF phone and check out the EPF HQ! Sweetness!


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