Cheat Engine!

This Program is instead of Penguin Storm, because it broke when cp had a major update to the game.
Here is how to use Cheat Engine to cheat coins on cp:

You Will Need.
Cheat Engine
Mozilla Firefox

Install Mozilla Firefox if you dont have the program.

1) Open Mozilla Firefox.

2) Log into your account.

3) Open Cheat Engine.

4) Target plugin-cointainer.exe, and click Open.

5) Go to the dock and play hydro hopper. (Go to the Dock and click on the boat.)

6) Click Play.

7) Do the first level.

8 ) Open Calculator.

9) Type in the score you got and multiply it with 8.

10) Take the number you get and write it under Value.

11) Play the second level of hydro hopper.

12) When you have finished the second level, open up calculator and multiply the score by 8 again.

13) Put the number you got in cheat engine.

14) Press Next Scan.

One Packet should appear up on the list.

15) Click on it and press the red arrow.

16) Then right click on it and click Change Record > Change Value, and change the number to 100000 (five zeros) and
press Ok.

17) Do level 3 and exit Hydro Hopper.

You shold get a message that looks like this!

Good luck!


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